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Lives can be saved through your action.

Malaria No More Japan is run and operated with your kind donation and contribution. We greatly appreciate your generosity and would like to ask for your continued support.
Through your action, we can help end malaria deaths.

With 100 Yen, we can deliver a life-saving test and malaria treatment which enables children in Africa to receive initial treatment.
With 1,000 Yen, we can deliver a mosquito net, which is crucial for preventing malaria.
With 10,000 Yen, we can support activities to prevent malaria in the field for one week.

Your kind contribution marks a step forward to eradicate malaria. We would like to ask for your kind donation and contribution.


Your continued contribution becomes a powerful energy to combat malaria.
To enable appropriate and stable support, your continued contribution is crucial.

Make a contribution by giving your time, knowledge or experience.

Join Malaria No More Japan as a volunteer or an intern! Your skill and experience will enhance our effort to combat malaria.

Make a contribution to prevent malaria death in the world! Malaria No More Japan welcomes volunteers and interns to join MNMJ staff members.

Malaria No More Japan invites applicants for volunteers and interns for supporting our public relation (website management and designing) and fundraising planning and implementation. The details of the work can be sent via e-mail. Please feel free to join us at your convenience.

We will also invite applicants for long-term internship to work in the Secretariat office as the need arises.

We welcome students who are interested in and willing to work in the international cooperation and social venture world.

Why don't you endeavor the truly needed 'support' on-site?

For more details about internship opportunities, please contact the Secretariat.

Learn about Malaria

We aim to save as many lives as possible from malaria.
The first step is to understand the current situation.

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Corporate Support

Moving forward with corporations and organizations.

Malaria No More Japan would like to work with companies, organizations and employees of those entities and create new efforts together.

Efforts to combat malaria might sound like something taking place far away from Japan; however, one child dies from malaria every minute at this very moment, and malaria is a critical global issue. We cannot regard malaria as something we have nothing to do with in this globalized world where movement of humans is accelerating and scaling up.

Malaria No More Japan offers cooperative opportunities that suit your company and organization's visions and missions, and enables easier participation.

Please feel free to contact us.

To meet our Corporate Supporters, please click here.

Malaria No More Japan welcomes donations from legal entities.

To organize an internal event to raise donation or to set up a donation box are great ways to contribute as a corporation or an organization. Legal entities can also support us continuously as a corporate supporter.