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Posted 2nd 'FEEL MALARIA' movie & manual

Malaria No More Japan carried out 'FEEL MALARIA' promotion in Fukuoka (Japan) and Bangkok (Thailand) on April 25th, World Malaria Day.

You can see the footage of the campaign below.
'FEEL MALARIA', experience the fear of malaria!

'Feel Malaria' promotion which aims people realize how insensibly people living in African and Asian malarious areas are bitten by mosquitos and are infected with malaria, through an experience that a meaningful sticker is put on before people notice.

On this sticker, "Like this sticker, a child in Africa, contracts malaria without realizing. Please give us your power for extermination of malaria which kills a child every minute."

And also, you can see the implementation manual to join this campaign 'FEEL MALARIA'.

The first campaign was carried out in Tokyo and Osaka on August 20th, World Mosquito Day. You can also watch it from here.