With your action, there are lives that can be saved.

The activities of our malaria · no more are managed by warm donation and support from everyone.

We appreciate your generosity and thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

With your action, there is a life to save from malaria.

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In our generation, I want to eliminate malaria from the world.
In the world, one child still loses its life with malaria in two minutes. With a continuous donation from your monthly 1,000 yen, you can promote efforts to eliminate malaria from the world.

※ For donation to Malaria No More Japan (MNMJ) certified specified nonprofit corporation,
We can receive tax incentives such as donation deduction.Click here for details.

Monthly at 1000 yen

You can send mosquito nets 1 Zhang to the site.

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It will be an activity of Asian NGO for one day.

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Malaria penetration activity expenses in Japan
It will be one week's worth.

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Your continued support will be a great force to control malaria.
Continuous support from you is very important for proper and stable support.

※ For supporters, please report the results of activities and support through the newsletter (twice a year) · annual report (once a year), participation information on events and volunteers, messages from local supporters etc. I will deliver it.

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I am also supporting

I lost my niece with malaria.

Malaria is a serious disease in Africa. Many children living their lives in malaria live in Africa. Through malaria · no more · Japan please be sure to know more about malaria.

Ottoman and Sankon

Birth date: March 11, 1949
Hometown / Nationality: Republic of Guinea (West Africa)
After graduating from Conakry University in 1969, he went to Sorbonne University to study abroad.
In 1972, he entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guinea and came to Japan with Ambassador of Japan to establish the Guinean Embassy. Afterwards, he worked at Washington, DC, took a leave of absence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1984 and returned to Japan. Activity Lecture activities throughout the country. Volunteering as an advisor to Guinea Japan Exchange Association

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We accept donations only this time. We will use it for various initiatives to realize zero malaria.

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Account number: 00100-8-386178
Subscriber's name: Malaria No More Japan

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We will use it for various initiatives to realize zero malaria.

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Support by time, knowledge and experience
Volunteer · Probono · Intern

At Malaria · No More, we are currently recruiting volunteers, pro bono, interns who can assist the secretariat administration, event assistance, public relations support such as website and design, planning and management of fund raising planning, etc. We will guide you through recruitment work by e-mail, so please feel free to participate according to your convenience.

Learn about malaria

I want to eliminate those who lose their lives alone in malaria. The first step for that is to know the current situation.

Join the event and learn

Malaria · No More has been providing programs, talk & live projects via internet distribution,
We have organized events such as charity parties that many people are happy to participate happily. There are many people who participate alone, and it is an event that you can enjoy interacting with various people. Please do not hesitate to join us.

Planning events and learning

Malaria · No More positively has opportunities to talk about our activities and the future aimed at events, lectures, etc.
Mizuno, managing director, jumped out of a private company and launched the first nonprofit organization dedicated to malaria in Japan. I will tell you the story about why Mizuno had the feeling of "wanting to make a world without malaria" and could continue activities. It is also possible to hold a lecture meeting for Mizuno for students and business people.

Receiving information and learning

For individuals and companies who want to learn about malaria, we can send group outline and materials.
In addition, we are delivering the latest information on malaria · no more and news on malaria around the world on e-mail newsletter, twitter, Facebook. please register.

About tax incentives

Donations to malaria · no more will be subject to tax deduction.

Donations to malaria · no more will be subject to tax deduction. Malaria · No More was approved as "Certified Specified Nonprofit Organization (Certified NPO Corporation)" from Tokyo Metropolitan Government on June 1, 2015. Those who donated to MNMJ can receive tax incentives such as donation deduction.
A receipt issued by MNMJ is necessary to receive these tax incentives. We can not republish the receipt, so please keep it in good handling.

«About deduction for personal income tax donation»

In the case of a specific donation to an accredited NPO corporation that an individual spent in each year, if the total amount of the specific donation paid for that year exceeds 2,000 yen, a tax deduction special deduction (tax amount You can choose the one with the bigger merit either deduction or deduction deduction (income deduction).

1. Donation special deduction (tax credit)

In calculating corporate tax, donations from corporations to certified NPO corporations, etc.,
It is handled in the same way as the donation to a specific public benefit promotion corporation and can be deducted separately from the deductible limit for donation in general.
For this deductible portion, income tax is not imposed. For details, please contact the nearest tax office.


In the calculation of inheritance tax, in case of donating the inherited property succeeded by inheritance or bequest to MNMJ within the deadline of inheritance tax declaration,
Inheritance tax is not taxed on the donation amount. Please contact MNMJ in advance if you wish to donate inherited property.

Procedure to receive deduction

Please fill in the necessary information on the declaration form when filing the inheritance tax declaration form and attach the "receipt" issued by MNMJ.
Note 1) Since "Receipt" can not be reissued, please keep it until the declaration procedure.
Note 2) The inheritance tax deadline is 10 months from the inheritance start date.
Note 3) Please inform us in advance about donation of goods other than money (land, building etc.).
Note 4) If you donate the money after selling property inherited by inheritance or bequest, it will not be subject to tax exemption.
Note 5) Donation of goods (land, buildings, etc.) will also be subject to tax deductions, but there is a possibility that gifted income may occur at the donor's side.
※ Since there are explanations of the system in detail on the website of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the National Tax Agency, and the Cabinet Office, please refer to it.
You can also ask the local tax authorities or tax office nearest you.

Tokyo Metropolitan NPO corporate portal site "Certified NPO corporation system":
Tax Announcement of the National Tax Agency "When we pay a certain donation (deduction deduction):
Cabinet Office "Tax incentives for donation":